Tomahawk throwing provides a satisfying feeling, especially when it sticks on the target well. Most outdoor enthusiasts find it a relaxing activity.

Anyone may learn the basics and proper technique on how to use a tomahawk. When executed properly, you may find yourself participating in this sport regularly.

In this article, we shall help you find that inner chucker characteristic in you. We shall look into the preparations and precautions you must remember before throwing.

Furthermore, you will learn the tomahawk technique of throwing effectively step by step.

Preparations and Precautions

Anyone can basically throw a weapon such as a tomahawk. In fact, throwing tomahawks is a well-known activity that may be done all year round. For years, this sport has been an avenue for recreation and fun. This exercise is the best way to improve your tomahawk hunting skills.

Before you participate in this activity, you may need to train for proper tomahawk throwing technique. You will need an excellent tomahawk throwing target such as rounds from a tree. You can easily stack it or use a stand to hold up the tree rounds. Like any other throwing sports activity, you must practice tomahawk throwing in a safe environment. We recommend using a bigger target for easy learning.

Tomahawk and bushcraft knife
Tomahawk and bushcraft knife

Selecting a Tomahawk

It is recommended to get a tomahawk that best suits your requirements. If you are selecting a tomahawk, you must look into your reach and height. For beginners, we recommend getting a lighter one. Nonetheless, you must make sure that the tomahawk is proportional to your body weight.

Throwing tomahawks and knives at target
Throwing tomahawks and knives at target

The length of the handle should be suited for your arm reach. This feature highly affects the impact of throws. Thus, you must check out advice from tomahawk manufacturers for the appropriate tomahawk size fit for you.

Stance and Grip When Throwing

A good stance comprises level and upright position. Your feet should be standing comfortable on the sides. We recommend standing like you are going to throw a baseball. If you do not prefer both feet standing on the sides, you place one forward.

Man ready for throwing the axe
Man ready for throwing the axe

Raise your arms straight without any bend on the shoulders. Then, extend them slowly towards your target. Hold the tomahawk straight and perfectly still. With this, it eliminates the risk of wobbling while in mid-air.
Lastly, you need to practice for better speed and power. As a beginner, you can focus first on these components before working on your position. With enough practice, precision and accuracy may come next.

How to throw a tomahawk

When preparing to throw a tomahawk, you must remember the safety precautions discussed in the previous section. Once you are familiarized with these, you can proceed with the actual activity. Provided below are the steps to have a successful throw.

Standing at a Distance
We recommend standing around 14 feet away from your target. This is roughly around six paces away. You can create a line using your feet or chalk on the dirt surface.

Man throwing a tomahawk at target
Man throwing a tomahawk at target

This distance allows the axe, hatchet or tomahawk to create a full revolution before reaching the target. Nevertheless, you must remember that this distance is determined by the length of the handle.
If you missed your target in your first throw, you can easily adjust by moving forward or backward. You must ensure that your tomahawk complete one revolution as it reaches the target.

Blade and Standing Position
It is pertinent to place the blade of the tomahawk pointing towards your target. Aside from the fact that it aims better, you can also eliminate the risk of injuries caused by mishandling.

Axe straight in the middle of the target
Axe straight in the middle of the target

You must position both of your feet on a pitcher’s position. This means that the opposite foot of the arm throwing should be placed forward

Handle Position and Aim
Hold the tomahawk firmly at the base. With this, the tomahawk blade is placed on top. As you throw the weapon, you must ensure that the tomahawk is straight. You can throw it straight back and forward while aiming for the target.

You can follow through the action using your arm as you keep your wrist on a locked position. This will help you throw the tomahawk with less resistance from your arm.

Tips & FAQ’s

Where is best to practice at Tomahawk throwing?
Choose a clear space to mount your target, make sure you accidentally don’t break someone’s property or hurt someone.

What is the best target for tomahawk throwing?
Best choice for a target is a wood block, that way you will save your weapon from breaking it. A bigger target is recommended for beginners.

How many steps equals one rotation of the tomahawk blade?
Depending on the tomahawk weight and size, generally, 6 footsteps = 1 blade rotation.

What should you wear when tomahawk throwing?
There are no strict rules but you can avoid accidentally injuring yourself by wearing closed toe shoes and pants to protect your feet and toes.

What is the best throwing tomahawk?
Now that you have learned the basics in throwing a tomahawk, you can now look for the appropriate one. We have picked up a few suggestions for you as we consider the most suitable for throwing.

Tomahawk Suggestions:

  1. Throwing Hawk from SOG
    Comes in three, this set of tomahawks are great for throwing or general purpose activities. This weapon has a blade that is 1.75 inches thick. Since it is constructed in one piece, it offers better performance as well as durability.
  2. Hatchet Tomahawk from Estwing
    This tomahawk from Estwing offers strength and durability. It works well in cutting small trees as well as branches. You can utilize this for breaching, extrication and excavation activities.
  3. Axe Ranger with United Cutlery
    This stainless steel tomahawk is a lightweight tool which you can carry for the day. It offer quick chopping for camping use.