Whatever your purpose is, there are different types of tomahawk to address it. A tomahawk is truly a versatile product to bring along on your camping trips.

There are three main types of tomahawks – throwing, breaching and tactical.

Tomahawks used for throwing are usually balanced and weighted. This makes it better throw for a better aim.

Breaching tomahawks are heavier and sturdier than other types. They are commonly used to break wooden doors and even pry open doors made from steel.

Lastly, tactical tomahawks are used for fighting or self defense applications. They usually come with a blade and spike.

In this article, we shall be looking into tomahawk options in the market. Moreover, we shall guide you in choosing the best tomahawk equipped with necessary features for your intended purpose.

Tomahawks are better suited for outdoor activities as it is more compact and lightweight than traditional full-sized axe. It can easily fit inside your backpack or luggage.

This tool also offers versatility as it offers several features for multi-purpose use. This is an excellent tool for people who go on outdoor trips.

Comparison Table: Top 10 Tomahawks in 2019

Here are some Tomahawk options you can consider. These products offer several features that allow them to stand out among other competitors.

Model NameManufacturerDimension (inches)Weight (pounds)Our VerdictPrice
Downrange TomahawkGerber22 x 19 x 1.53.15the Best 3 in 1
Special Edition 26-inch Camper’s AxeEstwing26 x 7 x 1.43Best axe for camping
Tactical Tomahawk F01TN-CPSOG15.8 x 8.2 x 0.82.2Best all-rounder tomahawk
1001-CP Survival HawkSOG6.4 x 0.8 x 12.15.28Great multitasker
TH1001-CP Throwing Hawks SOG5.5 x 0.7 x 10.81.95Great for throwing
Evasion and Extraction SW671Smith & Wesson15.9 x 8 x 0.53.3Heavy duty tomahawk - Editor’s choice
Tomahawk Knife Shock N’ AweBrowning13.2 x 9.2 x 2.32.6Great for chopping tomahawk
UC2836 Axe Ranger HawkUnited Cutlery15.5 x 3.5 x 2.43.3Best bang for the buck tomahawk
Lightweight Hatchet Tomahawk AxeEstwing16.2 x 7.4 x 1.23.3Best lightweight tomahawk
Tactical M48 Tomahawk AxeUnited Cutlery17.5 x 10 x 1.53.3Best everyday use tomahawk

Best Tomahawks 2019 Reviews

Provided below are more detailed information with regard to each of the products. We recommend you check them out before deciding to purchase one for your camping trip.

#1 Downrange Tomahawk from Gerber

The Best 3 in 1 Tomahawk

Gerber has been around for decades offering excellent camping gear for everyone. Their innovation has made them known as manufacturers of heavy-duty tools and knives. These products are specifically designed by taking into common activities while in the wilderness.

Their product Downrange Tomahawk is a versatile tool offering three functions. It can be used as hammer head, pry bar and axe. You will no longer need to bring along several items to complete your camping activities.

Made from a steel body, the manufacturer ensures that it is heavy duty and can last for a long time. The material does not break or bend easily. Moreover, its handles have composite scales for better grip. It also has a sheath or body armor that acts as a webbing and protection to the body.

With this product from Gerber, you can surely complete your tasks even on your first try. Made from the USA, you are sure to get value for your money.


Versatile product that you can use on multiple tasks

Made from heavy-duty steel body

Provides better grip due to composite scales

Has a compatible sheath which may be attached to the body armor

Manufactured in the USA


Must be filed for a long time to get a good edge

Blade tends to get dull easily

Best 3 in 1 tomahawk

#2 Special Edition 26-inch Camper’s Axe from Estwing

Best Axe for Camping

Estwing offers American-made outdoor tools for over nine (9) decades. Their products have been a part of outdoorsmen that appreciate excellent quality outdoor equipment. You can expect only the best from Estwing. From shock-reduction grips and polished blades, you name it, they have it.

To ensure maximum durability and strength, the product is made from forged steel construction. The tempering and forging process allows the axe to strengthen.

The product is also equipped with patented grips that have shock-reduction capabilities. It reduces the impact of vibration of up to 70%. It is perfect for jobs such as chopping logs and splitting firewood.

Despite only being a single-purpose product compared with that of Gerber’s you can expect excellent performance from it. It has two finishes – special edition black and polished steel. Furthermore, it has a grip made from genuine leather making it comfortable to use.

The product is crafted in Illinois using nothing but the best American steel. It also includes a nylon sheath to protect your hands from the cutting edge.


Comes in two different sizes – 16 and 26 inches

Offers durability as it is tempered and forged well

Has a patented shock reduction rugged grip making sure that it shall never slip

Features polished neck and head

Made in the USA using high quality materials


Light in terms of weight which makes wood splitting hard

Some parts do not have coating

Best axe for camping

#3 Tactical Tomahawk F01TN-CP from SOG

Best All-Rounder

Made from heavy-duty blade that is stainless steel, this tactical axe provides multiple uses. It can be used as a chopping, camping, breaching and backpacking axe or hatchet.

It is equipped with a 2.5 inches stainless steel blade which can last for a long period of time.

Most customers prefer lighter hand axes for ease of use. This 24-ounce handle is lightweight making it ideal to bring along on your outdoor trips. It also includes a nylon sheath which you can easily cling on your belt. This makes it easier to reach or access all the time.

This product features a hammer edge and a spike. The hammer edge is great for pounding items with ease. Opposite the tactical axe, the axe is great for piercing activities.

SOG guarantees satisfaction for all their customers. They provide repairs as well as replacements provided that your Tomahawk hatchet is well maintained. With this, you will always be ready for your outdoor trips.


Features a heavy duty stainless steel blade which can last even after multiple uses

Has a lightweight handle that is preferable for outdoor trips

Equipped with a nylon sheath which provides protection and portability

Has a hammer edge and spike for pounding and piercing, respectively

Provides manufacturer’s customer satisfaction guarantee


Axe head tends to get loose over time

Needs a few swings to chop smaller wood

Best all-rounder tomahawk

#4 1001-CP Survival Hawk from SOG

Great Multi-Tasker

Another product from SOG this Tomahawk with black hard cased axe head. This product is made from full-length construction of stainless steel. You are sure that this product can last even after multiple uses due to its durability.

The steel blade 3Cr13MoV is mounted well on the handle. This handle is reinforced with nylon. To include additional grip, it is wrapped with a heavy-duty paracord. Are you stuck in the wilderness? Do not worry about initiating a fire. The handle is equipped with a fire starter.

Aside from this additional feature, this product from SOG also has a hail puller and hammering head. With this, you are prepared for any survival activities.

When travelling, you can easily bring this survival tomahawk along using the ballistic nylon storage sheath. The sheath has a loop for the belt which provides a variety of carrying options. You can easily find a comfortable way to carry this tool.


Can easily be carried using the sheet

Provides additional features such as hammer head, nail puller and fire starter

Has a full-length construction of stainless steel

Easy to hold using the nylon handle


Expensive compared with other tomahawks in the market

Fire striker tends to get damaged over time

Great multitasker tomahawk

#5 TH1001-CP Throwing Hawks from SOG

Great for Throwing

This stainless steel hawks from SOG come in a set of three. They are great to use as throw axes or just general purpose ones. It is in the color black and hard cased which adds a luxurious and sophisticated feel to it.

Equipped with a 1.75-inch thick blade, it can quickly glide through wood and other materials. It is constructed as one piece for more durability and better performance. Its handles are wrapped with paracord made from stainless steel. This enhances its grip, making it easy to handle.

The product includes a nylon carrying and storage sheath that is ballistic in nature. All three pieces have individual sheaths. You no longer need to worry about carrying all of them in your next outdoor trip.


Made from high quality stainless steel blade

Comes in three pieces which is ideal for throwing

Has a carrying and storage sheath made from nylon

Features paracord wrapped handle

Lightweight and portable


Tends to break over time

Paracord comes undone after a few uses

Great for throwing tomahawk

#6 Evasion and Extraction SW671 from Smith & Wesson

Heavy-Duty Tomahawk – Editor’s Choice

Known as an excellent extraction tool, this Tomahawk from Smith & Wesson offers high quality construction. The product is made from steel (high carbon) at a heft weight of two pounds. Designed in one solid piece, this best survival tomahawk provides durability as it eliminates the risk of breakage and damage.

The handle slaps are overlaid on the steel which makes it sturdy and durable. The handle grips are removable and equipped with texture. This aids in securing your grip.

We recommend you check out this product it offer portability. It is great to bring along on outdoor trips or whip it out whenever you need it. Its head cover is made from thick canvas that easily snaps once removed.

Similar with the Survival Hawk from SOG, it has a loop which easily attaches on your belt.


Features a textured handle that secures your grip as you use it

Has an excellent construction with removable handle

Equipped with a head cover made from thick canvas

Works well as an extraction tool

Made as one-solid piece


Heavy and may not be preferable to bring along on long trips

Blade is too thick for smaller branches or wood

Heavy duty tomahawk

#7 Tomahawk Knife Shock N’ Awe from Browning

Great for Chopping Tomahawk

This product from browning is designed from the USA. The manufacturer uses high quality materials which makes it effective and durable. It exhibits high tensile strength for different activities you need to perform outdoors.

Coated with black powder, the blade of this tomahawk is rated as sword-grade. Moreover, it features a penetration spike that is curved by design. The spike can easily place an intense hole even on hard targets.

Aside from its physical strength, you can also notice its elegant look and feel. The tactical blades are adorned by the Black Label logo. On the other hand, the spiked pommel is equipped with a one-piece handle wrapped with nylon paracord. You can easily bring it along as it features a lanyard hole in the end.

Lastly, this best tactical tomahawk has a polymer sheath along with a belt clip that moved on your desired carry angle. You can also adjust the belt loop accordingly.


Has a sword-grade rating for the blade

Equipped with a penetration spike which can handle even hard targets

Features a nylon wrapped handle

Can easily be carried using the lanyard hole

Comes with a polymer sheath for protection and easy attachment on belt loop


Hard to sharpen blade

May be small to cut large branches or twigs

Great for chopping tomahawk

#8 UC2836 Axe Ranger Hawk from United Cutlery

Best Bang for the Buck Tomahawk

This product from United Cutlery has an 8-inch blade which excellent for outdoor activities. It aims to provide you the best value for your money.

The stainless steel head is made from 2Cr13 precision cast. With this, it provides excellent durability. Combining with its backside, the axe head and spike are good personal defense features you can use. It can also be used as a camping too which provides an extremely quick chopping edge.

Considered as a great tactical tool, this military tomahawk is lightweight and easy to carry even for the whole day. You can secure the blade by attaching the handle reinforced by nylon. It also features fiber glass, bolts and nylon cord black wrapping.

Meanwhile, you can easily store it on its sheath with just a snap of a button. Are you having a hard time navigating to your destination?

Fret no more as this product comes with a directional compass. You cannot compare this deal with other tomahawks.


Has a stainless steel head with 2Cr13 precision cast

Features a spike which can be used to strike a surface

Lightweight and portable

Equipped with a handle wrapped with reinforced nylon

Comes with a directional compass


Screws tend to get loose over time

Poor handle tang design

Best bang for the buck tomahawk

#9 Lightweight Hatchet Tomahawk Axe from Estwing

Best Lightweight Tomahawk

This product from Estwing provides excellent durability and maximum strength. It aims to aid you in outdoor tasks even for a lifetime. The product is made from the USA, ensuring you of a good quality outdoor tool.

Perfect for cutting branches and small trees, this Tomahawk provides versatility. You can use it for different outdoor work such as cutting and chopping. On the other hand, it also has a pick end which you can use for excavation, breaching and extrication.

Equipped with a heavy-duty nylon sheath, you can easily and safely bring it along in the wilderness. The sheath protects you from the sharp edge of the axe.

This tool utilizes a patented grip with shock reduction. This reduces the vibration impact to up to 70%. It also increases the comfort the user may experience when utilizing it.


Features a durable and strong steel construction

Offers versatility as it includes a pick end

Equipped with a nylon sheath that is heavy duty

Has a patented grip with shock reduction of up to 70%

Made from the USA using high-quality materials


Not made for tactical purposes

Steel tends to rust under the paint

Best lightweight tomahawk

#10 Tactical M48 Tomahawk Axe from United Cutlery

Best Lightweight Tomahawk

Another product from United Cutlery is this M48 Tomahawk Axe which is great for tactical purposes. This versatile tactical hatchet can be used on sporting or hunting needs.

The tomahawk is lightweight which makes it portal. It is ideal to carry around the whole day without encountering aching muscles. You no longer need to worry about bringing along heavy load on your outdoor trip.

Offering a wide variety of application, you can use the axe blade from cutting, slashing and chopping. It has a secondary edge found in the back of its head which is also great for hooking and cutting. The axe and the spike when combined, provides a great tool for breaching or personal defense.

Made from AUS-6 blade that is stainless steel, this product is sure to last even after multiple uses. Similar with other tomahawk products, it has a nylon handle. Nevertheless, it is reinforced with three bolts and is made from 30% fiber glass.

Lastly, it comes with a nylon sheath with snap button to protect you from the sharp blade. You can easily attach in on your belt for ease in carrying.


Equipped with a reliable 8-inch blade

Has a reinforced 30% fiberglass nylon handle

Features an AUS-6 blade that is stainless steel

Comes with a nylon sheath that you can use to easily carry it

Lightweight and portable


Handle tends to get damaged over time

Blade snaps after multiple throws

Best everyday use tomahawk

These are just some of the best tomahawk options you can select for you next camping adventure. It is essential to find one that suits your needs and intended use.

We recommend you consult experts and read online reviews before investing on one.

Final Verdict

Over-all, the options provided above are made from high quality construction and provides excellent performance. However, the best one depends on your intended use of the products. We recommend you look into the features that it provides.

The product from Gerber offers versatility. You can perform three tasks with just a single product. Another all-rounder product are SOG’s Tactical and Survival Tomahawks. They are multi-purpose tools which you can easily bring along on your trip.

For throwing purposes, you can select SOG’s Throwing Hawks. On the other hand, if you want the best value for your money, you can try the product from Ranger.

For everyday use, you can certainly rely on Smith & Wesson’s Tomahawk. It is a heavy-duty tool that you can use for a long time due to its durability. Other great options are the products from Estwing, Browning and United Cutler.

Tomahawk Features to Look For

When purchasing a tomahawk for your outdoor trips, you need to find several features.

Finding the right one may be challenging. Nevertheless, if you know the functionalities to consider, it makes the job easier.

Tomahawks are known to be an all-around tool as it offers durability, versatility and strength. They can work well on specific tasks such as wood slicing and branch chopping. When finding the best tomahawk you must note the pertinent design points. Here are some of the features you must look for.

Here are some of the features you must look for.


There are a number of tomahawk uses. They are a popular choice for people who want to explore the outdoors. These include but not limited to adventurers, bushcrafters, trekkers and mountaineers. If you are finding the best tomahawk, make sure to get one that can handle you work requirements.

Cutting Edge

It has been observed that the longer the cutting edge, the heavier and larger the axe head is. Longer edges may provide you greater force during your swings. With this, you may notice the splitting and chopping of wood becomes easier.

Most tactical tomahawks utilize a circular cut-out. This allows it to weigh lighter without decreasing the size of the cutting edge. This is a good choice should you require a larger cutting edge with no added weight for your shoulders.

On the other hand, a narrower edge has a better ability to deeply pierce on each strike. This is for the reason that it encounters less resistance.

Head Shape

A tomahawk’s head can come in different forms and sizes. Some of the options available in the market are single head, spike or flat back and double head.

Single head tomahawks provide power, design and strength in its cutting edge. The double head tomahawk is great for throwing as it has two blades. It provides a better chance of having an excellent contact.

Handle Length

Usually, tomahawk handle run between 20 and 50 centimeters. The length of your tomahawk must be based on your required use. Longer handles provide better leverage in terms of prying. Moreover, it offers greater force as you swing it. Nonetheless, it will be heavier and less compact.

Consequently, smaller handles provide better use in close combat. It is also more compact and includes less volume when you pack it. It is also lighter which is excellent to bring along on outdoor trips.


There are a number of tomahawks in the market that come in lighter weights. The modern technology has allowed several manufacturers to build a strong yet light and compact axe. Compared with tomahawks 20 years ago, you can get better cut and chops without the added weight.

In general, you should select a tomahawk that fits your required usage. You must identify the appropriate cutting edge and head shape for the task you need to complete. Longer cutting edges are preferred for quick and easy cutting. On the other hand, if you will use it for throwing you can go with double head design.

It is also important to note the length of the handle as your swing depends on it. The longer the handle, the better leverage it can provide. Consequently, you can go with smaller handles for close combat encounters for better precision and aim.

Lastly, we recommend you look a tomahawk that is lighter and more compact. Lighter tools are preferred to bring along on long trips that require more walking.

If you do not want to take up too much space in your bag, compact tomahawks are the right choice for you.