RambleNerds.com is a blog site that provides comprehensive reviews on outdoor gear, camping, traveling, and hunting. The site also gives out authentic and valuable advice regarding outdoor gear. It also shares personal experiences incurred while traveling and hunting.

Who are we?

We are Donald and Ron, and we first met at a science convention for the first time.

There we came to realize we not only share the same science passion but also – traveling and camping was our hobby.

We are dedicated family guys and we like to take our families on camping trips often. After the convention we were e-mailing each other on the science topic, but from time to time we were sharing our traveling experiences we had over the past years, and asking each other advices, swapped stories about various camping trips.

We realized that we have a wealth of knowledge regarding camping, hunting, and outdoor gear. We came up to share with the world through the blog site RN.

Our mission

Provide readers with unbiased reviews that will help them while buying outdoor gear. We share true accounts of traveling thus helping our readers to choose their next holiday destination. Our blog will help you locate the best spots to find game. This will come in handy whether you are an experienced hunter or just a beginner.


The creation of RambleNerds was not pre-planned. It came about when one of our friends Roger suffered an accident while camping. He was on a camping trip with his two sons when he had an unfortunate accident. He suffered some minor injuries as a result of sub-standard camping materials.

We then decided to do something that will help people and save them from further accidents.

What you will find on our site?

Here you will find various blog posts about camping sites. These posts are equally beneficial for beginners as well as experienced campers. You can learn about the various facilities provided